Bettina Campolucci Bordi of Bettina's Kitchen

Sleep Series: Bettina Campolucci Bordi, Bettina's Kitchen

We spoke to Bettina Campolucci Bordi, founder of Bettina's Kitchen, world-renowned plant-based chef, author and sustainability advocate.

What do your days look like? 

They are completely different from one day to another. Some days I prepare for pop-ups; others I do lots of content for the blog and my other social media channels. I also run a Retreat Chef Academy where I teach aspiring chefs to cook sustainable and plant-based foods.

What do your nights look like?

If I am at home, I eat early. I put my phone away and stick on a Soul Sunday playlist. At the weekend, I have a glass of red wine, I ask my family to come and join me, and we have a little gathering in the kitchen where we all get involved in the cooking. In the week, we skip the wine and just make sure we are together. We listen to music, switch off properly, chat and cook. Then I'll watch a series with my husband and go to bed by 9.30 or 10.

On evenings I’m at a dinner or an event, I get to bed slightly later — around 11. 

What is your pre-sleep routine? 

We like to eat early, avoid sugar and I don’t drink much before going to bed as I don’t like to get up at night. I make sure I clean my face and brush my teeth, but I don’t tend to use too many beauty products on my skin.

What foods, drinks or routines would you recommend for sleep and relaxation? 
Having a big breakfast, big lunch and smaller dinners is a good digestive pattern to follow. When I go to evening events, I can't always stick to it but I try to as much as possible. I avoid sweets and chocolate in the evening as that is also not great for sleep. When I cook and host Wellness Retreats, I always serve desserts for lunch rather than dinner.
Bettina in our Sage Relaxed Pyjama Set

Bettina in our Sage Relaxed Pyjama Set

How do you wind down?

I watch a series that isn't stressful — so nothing to do with action or that's scary as it totally winds me up. Recently we've been watching Bridgerton and WeCrashed.

My 9-year-old reads before going to bed, which I have been meaning to do for ages!

What keeps you awake at night?

My huge to-do lists. I try to set those types of things aside as much as possible. I have a notepad where I write down all the projects I am working on to separate them out and make sure it's all manageable. I also have countless lists on my phone.

How do you sleep generally?

I sleep pretty well — much better than I used to. If I struggle, I take natural sleep drops or natural melatonin and use magnesium spray

I sometimes drink Valerian root tea, but I steep the actual roots rather than using tea bags — it doesn't taste very nice, but it works.

What are your views on naps?

I think they are brilliant! I lived in Spain for 12 years, so I am well acquainted with siestas.

Bettina in Sage Relaxed Pyjama Set

Bettina in our Sage Relaxed Pyjama Set

What’s your favourite relaxation tip?

No phones. We don't check our phones in the morning until we have dropped our daughter off at school. We leave the house 45 minutes early and walk through a big park to get there, so we have nature time and great chats where we plan our day. It's a good way of reconnecting and getting fresh air first thing in the morning. It just means that our work day starts at 9am rather than at 6.30 when we wake up. As soon as you have checked your phone, part of your attention will always stay there. 

What’s your top sleep tip?

Good pyjamas, clean sheets and wind down before bedtime. 

What’s the first thing you do every morning?

I have a big glass of warm water with lemon. (I know it's so predictable!)

Are you a snoozer?

I am, unfortunately! When I work on retreats, I have no issues getting up at 5am. For some reason, my body knows I am at home and that I can totally get away with snoozing for those extra five minutes!