One of the things that makes HONNA sleepwear so comfortable is the soft, Indian cotton it's made from. As it's a natural fabric, it will need a little extra care but will still wear over time — through no fault of the fabric or the pyjamas. You'll find it with any garment, but it can seem sped up when they’re worn so much. 

We want you to wear your HONNA sleepwear without having to worry about washing it, so we've made it easy to clean and look after.

To keep it looking lovelier for longer: 

  • Always wash at 30 degrees or lower on a slow spin cycle with similar colours.
  • Use gentle eco detergents and no products with bleach, which might interfere with the dyes.
  • Never tumble dry, but hang out (preferably air-drying) as soon as possible after the wash cycle finishes to minimise creasing.
  • Where possible, wash by hand to protect the lightweight cotton from washing machine damage.
  • Do not iron on a high heat or dry on a high temperature radiator as this will cause the fibres to expand and the dye to run.

Over time, our cotton will soften and the colour will slightly fade. This is entirely expected with a natural fabric and we believe it makes them even more comfortable to sleep in. We don’t see it as a downside as, unlike synthetic materials, it will wear and we can’t expect it to last forever.