Sleep Series: Emma Long, BINIBAMBA

HONNA chats to the brilliant Emma Long, founder of sheepskin baby brand BINIBAMBA, about the reality of running a brand alongside bringing up two sons and the impact it has on her sleep.

What do your days look like? 

Snuggly! I spend a lot of time surrounded by our super-snuggly merino sheepskins, so it’s pretty cosy. But with two boys and a business to run, it’s BUSY! The juggle’s real, but I love it.

What do your nights look like?

My youngest has just turned one, so a full night’s sleep is a distant memory… One day!

What is your pre-sleep routine?

I am a big fan of a bath, so once the boys are down I often treat myself to a bit of a soak — there’s nothing better. Then it’s make-up off, my favourite HONNA PJs straight on as EARLY AS POSSIBLE. There’s something so nice about marking the end of the working day by getting changed before a calmer bit of me time.

How do you wind down?

Wine…bath…fresh PJs, on repeat 😊

Emma Long in HONNA's Beige Stripe Shorts Set

Emma in HONNA's Beige Stripe Shorts Set

What keeps you awake at night?

My babies and my brain whirring. I find some of my best creative ideas seem to come to me at night!

I try to have an hour at least before bed to unwind, whether that be a hot bath or some time spent phone-free, but when I am busy with work it can be difficult to switch off — sometimes the whirring is good, productive even!

How do you sleep generally?

I used to be such a good sleeper, but since becoming a mum I don’t ever totally switch off. I’m up at least once in the night checking in on the boys. Must do better and stop this craziness!

What are your views on naps?

God I wish I was a pro at the cat nap (like my husband), but they just make me feel groggy. Plus there’s always something to be doing, but I can see the appeal. Maybe perfecting the cat nap should be my new resolution!

BINIBAMBA Loves HONNA's Beige Stripe Short Pyjamas

Emma in HONNA's Beige Stripe Shorts Set

What’s your favourite relaxation tip?

A good bath oil and a lovely hot bath

What’s your top sleep tip?

Sleep breeds sleep, right? More naps!

What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Give my babies a big snuggle… Nothing beats it!

Are you a snoozer? 

I’m prone to an embarrassing, mouth open, pool of dribble-inducing snooze once in a while. Those are the best!