Sleep Series: Laura Von Behr

Sleep Series: Laura Von Behr

HONNA chats to Laura von Behr, vintage seller and founderabout her pre-bed routine, favourite relaxation tips and how she's juggled her business with having a baby. 

Job: I sell vintage clothing by appointment from my studio at Canonbury Yard. I stock a curation of romantic 1970s dresses, with an emphasis on florals and frills. I have always loved vintage, especially 1970s. The quality and design is beautiful and even the high street dresses of the time were made to last. It is so good to be able to find something completely unique knowing it is also a sustainable option. I encourage my customers to choose a dress they will wear again and again.

What do your days look like?

If I’m working, I walk to the studio and get ready for my appointments. When I’m off, I make coffee and sit in Clissold Park or attempt something cultural like a gallery. I love the Estorick Collection on Canonbury Square. It is a really peaceful, special place. I also love the Fashion and Textile Museum for inspiration. 

What do your nights look like?

My husband cooks most evenings, which is great. I also like to go out with a friend for dinner, especially since having a baby.

Laura Von Behr in HONNA stripe pyjamas

Laura wears our Navy Stripe Short Set

What is your pre-sleep routine?

Cleanse, serum and oil. It always makes me feel better to wash my face properly, especially when I’m tired. 

How do you wind down? 

A little walk and glass of wine. I love the Dreamy candle from Luce London, it’s made with the most beautiful blend of essential oils. 

HONNA Navy Stripe Short SetOur Navy Stripe Short Set

What keeps you awake at night? 

The baby crying and worrying about the baby crying. 

How do you sleep generally? 

At the moment, our nights are pretty unpredictable and we often go through bad sleep cycles with teething and colds. I really struggled to sleep during pregnancy and took a lot of baths with Olverum Bath Oil to relax. 

What are your views on naps? 

I am incapable of napping. My least favourite thing I am constantly being told is 'nap when the baby naps'.

What’s your favourite relaxation tip? 

A lavender-filled eye mask from Me & My Bloomers and Cowshed's Relax Room Spray

What's your top sleep tip? 

Linen sheets. I love Piglet in Bed.

What’s the first thing you do every morning? 

I give my girl a big cuddle. She is so smiley in the morning and seems genuinely delighted to see us. 

Are you a snoozer? 

Unfortunately not anymore. Although I do really love the early mornings, especially in summer when the light starts to creeps in.